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(Popularity: 68) When and why did the Hawaiian Hula (Bubble) Dolls start? I feel like they are common in movies as props, but I rarely see them in real life.

In a series on 983 TV called Quincy ME, Los Angeles coroner’s office forensic physician Dr. R. Quincy (played by Jack Klugman) uses his extensive scientific expertise to solve crimes, a precursor (and model) of the latter. ) series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Quincy has a laboratory (run by reliable laboratory technician Sam Fujiyama, played by Robert Ito), equipped with an array of advanced scientific equipment. But rather than the act of collecting “scientific looking” props and using them to gather clues, these are the real stuff, fully functional, expensive, high-tech instruments that are actually used properly during the show. To accomplish this, they hired Marc Scott Taylor, a bona fide forensic technician with a Master of Science degree from the Los Angeles County coroner’s office, as a technical advisor to run and maintain all the complex instruments at the site. Then, in the third season of 1978, Robert Ito couldn’t play Sam for some reason, so they had Mark as a backup for screen analysis. Since then, he has played the role of Mark’s lab technician alongside Sam for the remainder of the series. Now this is a dedication to realism! Oh, but there’s more!As chemistry graduate students at the time, our entire lab couldn’t wait to watch every week to see what new mysteries would emerge $100 sex doll Quincy and Sam actually solved it in the lab. As an example of the show’s real use of actual working instruments, in Season 3, Episode 20 (“Requiem for the Living”, 1978), a dying crime boss takes Quincy and Sam hostage, forcing them to find a Find out how he was poisoned. They determined that someone had injected a small amount of the highly toxic chemical, nickel carbonyl, under the door of his apartment, thinking they had committed the perfect crime because nickel carbonyl was unstable and left little trace after a while. It shows them using atomic absorption spectroscopy to detect nickel and infrared spectroscopy to detect stretching vibrations of carbonyl groups. But the absolute, most puzzling example of scientific surrealism has to come in Season 5, Episode 1 (“No Way to Treat a Flower”, 1979), where Quincy has to figure out why people start from a particular Dealers are dying. It turns out that cannabis growers have been treating plants with colchicine, a chemical that acts as a super growth promoter. Colchicine was used during World War II to make the hemp plant, a strain of cannabis that produces little THC, grows faster and can make more rope for the war effort. It also works on varieties that produce THC, but in the show, the colchicine left in the pot is lethal. They isolated a small amount and identified it using a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometer, which works on the same principle as a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine. Now, just as a student in our lab was working on a new method of synthetic organic chemistry to make a chemical ring system similar to that in colchicine, he used it repeatedly to actually synthesize colchicine as a test of its synthetic effect, So he had seen the NMR spectrum so many times that he knew it well. As they slowly print out the spectrum, he’s commenting on the signal he’s seeing, saying, “Oh, that’s interesting. Those look like methoxy groups on the A and C rings. Wait a minute! That’s acetyl. Methyl Peak??!? And…that’s…oh…my…God! That’s the real compound!” Although 99.9999% of viewers didn’t know what they were looking at, someone, probably Marc , went to great lengths to get actual samples of colchicine for the show after getting approval from the producers. Now this is a dedication to scientific authenticity! I doubt we’ll ever see this level of realism on the show again.Edit: Thanks to Glen Dudek for bringing me to the article on how Quincy, ME and Jack Klugman personally changed

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