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(Popularity: 50) Is having an inflatable doll for sex?

My, I’ve defined what cheating is in detail, I’ve pasted the relevant part of the answer below: [1] Cheating, in the traditional sense, means breaking a promise. Commitment is a promise to act in a certain way or not to act. The commitment that comes with relationships takes the form of exclusivity—emotional and sexual. Sexual exclusivity refers to the mutually agreed-upon limitations of the partners in the relationship, namely having sex with someone other than the partner, i.e. having “sex” only with the person who made the commitment. To cheat, one must have real (not imagined/fantasy) sex with someone else. The question that arises is – what is sex? Any behavior is called “sex” 1. This leads to sexual arousal, which then manifests as sexual energy. However, such a broad definition would lead to activities such as viewing pornography and masturbation being included in its scope, which is unreasonable. Therefore, its scope should be narrowed. Therefore, 2. The involvement of one or more other persons with whom sexual activity is permitted. “Human” means a living, biologically human individual. Therefore, using a doll does not constitute cheating, nor does using a toy constitute cheating. Bestiality does not equal deceit. This leads to the next question: Is actual physical behavior a prerequisite for deceptive behavior? I tend to answer in the negative. Phone sex, sexting both lead to the satisfaction of the first two conditions. Physical contact aggravates cheating, but is not a prerequisite for its formation. In other words, a lack of physical contact does not preclude a certain behavior from constituting cheating. I used the word “real sex” in the introductory paragraph. What does that mean? According to me, sex is “real” if it’s not just a fantasy or a thought process, or wanting to have or offering to have. Fantasies involving a third party are equivalent to “sex” but are not “real” and therefore do not constitute deception. Likewise, a desire to cheat does not constitute cheating if the desire is not fulfilled. How about a sexual act proposed to a third person? It constitutes “preparation” to have sex, and an act has multiple stages. (1) Prepare (2) Attempt (3) Complete. Deception is only constituted if “sex” has or wishes to reach or exceed the attempt stage. (I borrowed this from the crime model, which states that crimes have distinct stages and only become the culprit after the attempted stage. As I pointed out earlier, a necessary condition for cheating is that a third person is involved, with He can have sex, and the person here refers to a living biological human individual. If there is no such person with whom you can have sex, there is no room for cheating. The inflatable doll is not a living biological human, but just a toy, For masturbation purposes. Of course, one could argue that if there is an understanding between partners in a relationship, neither party should resort to using masturbation toys to satisfy themselves and then using inflatable dolls. However, most rational of partners will never actually ban their partner from using such toys, although some may feel insecure and/or inadequate knowing and/or how they use it. However, the insecurity a partner feels or inadequacy itself does not turn what was not cheating into cheating. So my conclusion is that using an inflatable doll, or in the case of women, a vibrator or dildo or any other such masturbation device, Neither is cheating.
[1] Alex Houston’s answer to What is considered cheating in a relationship? Are these points cheating? 1. Misleading or dishonest conduct

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