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(Popularity Rate: 39 ) How would Chucky (from the killer doll horror movies) fare in the real world?

heed its advice.
Horror Movie Character Survival Guide
The following are the top 10 tips for any character in a horror film. If you do happen to find yourself in a horror film someday, use these tips wisely and you may make it out alive. Until the sequel that is…
Don’t Ever Investigate Or Say You’ll “Be Right Back” – Thirsty? Ask for a sip of someone else’s drink. Forgot something in the woods? Cut your losses. Hear a strange noise in the basement? Pretend you don’t. Whatever you do, just don’t announce a quick detour from your group or it’ll be your swan song. The “I’ll be right backâ€?trope has become such a horror flick death scene precursor that viewers almost find themselves rooting for the masked assailant to punish the never-to-returnee. No, you won’t be right back. You’ll be bloody and hanging from the garage door’s doggy hole.
Turn Around, Because It’s Always Behind You – While hiding from the deranged, knife-wielding thing of evil, you might ask yourself, “Where is it?â€?Answer: Right behind you. Learn from those who have gone before you. In 1991’s The Silence of the Lambs, FBI trainee Clarice Starling at least had the foresight to bring a gun into the sadistic serial killer’s lair. Clarice barely made it out of the basement alive. You won’t. Just ask the cast of The Cellar.
Never Watch A Horror Movie When You’re In One – If your slasher movie night starts to seem eerily autobiographical, immediately turn on the lights and make sure all the kitchen knives are accounted for. If there have been any recent reports of asylum breakouts or mysterious demonic rituals, stay away from scary movies. You’re probably in one. Actually, stay away from all screens. Poltergeist and The Ring all had sequels for a reason.
Make Sure Your Car is Always in Perfect Working Order – If you’re able to escape that masked killer, remember that cars typically aren’t reliable. Battery life always yields to the strange and inconvenient horror time continuum, a force that’s always sure to leave you stranded in your moment of need. Or in your moment of zombie horde attack. Before leaving the driveway, make sure you bring an extra set of keys (the first are sure to be lost during the initial attack) and consider a preemptive visit to a mechanic…who is probably an axe murderer anyway.
Don’t Ever Split Up – Most of us learned this lesson as 5-year-olds, shaking our heads at reruns of Scooby Doo as Shaggy and Scooby ran in circles away from spooks while the rest of the gang gathered clues. Those that didn’t might end up like the cast of The House on Haunted Hill (if you’re lucky, the tamer 1959 version), being picked off one by one by the movie monster of the week. “Strength in numbersâ€?might be a tired cliche, but its more appealing than “dead as a doornail.â€?When Haunted, Just Move Out of the Damn House – If you (or one of your children) can offer any kind of credible proof that 5000 dollar sex doll the grand old house you just purchased for cheap is haunted, drop the caulk gun and get out. We’ve seen too many families attempt to stick a haunting out: The Amityville Horror, The Shining, Paranormal Activity. Your attempts to shun the dead will prove futile as evil spirits use you for a nice game of possess and kill. Just sell the house and take the loss, okay?
Wear Comfortable Shoes – Received any threatening phone calls lately? Any cryptic messages scrawled in blood after the murder of your best friend? You’re probably next. Fright nights rarely allow for wardrobe changes, so wear comfortable footwear the first time around, even for formal events. As much fun as it is watching Sarah Michelle Gellar attempt to run from a hook-wielding fisherman in a beauty pageant getup, it doesn’t mean you should repeat her mistakes. Combat boots only, ladies.
Avoid Proms and All Other High School Parties – Proms should be avoided at all costs, in case of vampire attack, revenge killings or the occasional prom queen who possesses the ability to slaughter with her mind. Large gatherings of teenagers are like cat nip for the murderously inclined, so why heighten the appeal with boutonnieres and push up bras? Don’t go to the prom. The pictures are always bad anyway.
Always Assume Your Attacker Is Still Alive – Ah yes, the suspenseful conclusion. If you’re lucky enough to make this far you’ve probably pulled some highly unrealistic Rambo move on your killer at the last second. Your attacker lies motionless on the floor. You let out a big sigh of relief and let your guard down. Big mistake. 2009’s Zombieland covers what to do in these situations with a move called “the double tap.â€?Always deliver a second fatal blow to ensure your assailant is dead because they’ll surely always come back for more.
Keep Your Pants On – If you have sex, you die. In teen horror movies, those who couple off for a lusty moment or two usually end up losing more than their shirts. Friday the 13th features an entire cast of randy teen camp counselors who are dismembered one by one as they sneak off to earn the film its R rating, most only living a few minutes past their trysts before they’re greeted with an ax to the face. If you want to up your odds of survival, keep your virginity intact and your clothes on. As Psycho p

(Popularity Rate: 89 ) How can I get a sex doll? I’m a 14-year-old boy. Can or should I ask my dad for something like that, or is that weird?

I dont have a doll but i asked my dad for a sex toy and him and i went online and i found one that Pregnant Sex DollI like.
I guess it all depends on how close you and your dad are. My dad and i are pretty close and we are also nudist at home so nudity and sex arent subjects that are afraid to be talked about.

(Popularity Rate: 27 ) I’m looking for an ebony torso sex doll that has breasts, butt, an anus, and a vagina. Does anyone know a trusted site that sells good, discreet, and private torso sex dolls?

you and hope it can help you.
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(Popularity Rate: 57 ) What are your thoughts on Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany telling Fox News host Sandra Smith on Wednesday that President Trump’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize is a “big dealâ€?

with so little knowlege about the prize herself.
Just to make things straight I have no idea about Americian politics, or do I wish to be involved. But, I am a citizen of the country that gives out the Nobel Peace Prize award, so I felt it was important to explain, as this statement is so misleading.
I checked KE out and it astonished me to see that she actually has attended Harvard Law school. Apparently she has a BSFS in International politics, from Georgetown University, and has previously worked in media Fox news and CNN. She obviously hasn’t travelled – or done her homework on the Nobel Peace prize.
Good grief what are they teaching young students over the pond I thought. And she is 32 years of age.
The Nobel Peace Prize award is not just to be given to Americian Presidents. It is an International award which is presented to candidates from ‘’all over the world.’â€?Only a year ago we heard that President Trump thought he should be given the award for denuclearizing North Korea 🤦🏻
And recently these tweets appeared. Never in a million years will Norway give an award to any person in the world with this attitude. Moving the US Embassy to Israel, didn’t go well down in the middle east at all in International circles.
Well here is some information about the Nobel Peace prize.
Alfred Nobel was Swedish and a trained chemical engineer. It is unclear why he wished the peace prize to be administrered in Norway, which was ruled in union at the time with Sweden, when he died in 1896.
It is speculated that he considered Norway was better suited as it did not have the same militaristic traditions as Sweden.
At the end of the 19th century Norway became closely involved in the Inter – Parliamentary Union’s efforts to resolve conflicts though mediation and arbitration.
The idea behind this prize is of course PEACE – awarded to a person ‘â€?who in the PRECEDING year shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between Nations ‘â€?â€?The prize has been awarded 100 times since 1901.
The process of selection.
The Nobel Committee prepares to receive nominations. And of those who are qualified to nominate.
Deadline for submission is the 31st January each year. As most of you will understand the nominations for 2020 expired eight months ago. This year there were 318 candidates. The names of the nominees are never announced, due to the 50 year secrecy rule.
A shorter list is prepared during the months from February to March, where the committee of five people assets the candidates work. This is a thorough – going discussion where information and updates are required from experts often from foreign countries.
The five members of the committee are elected by Parliament.
From March to August the process of candidate reviews.
Finally after a major vote is made It is announced in October. So, this years award has not yet been announced.
After the award is announced then the award ceremony is held in Oslo in December. This is a huge event where families and friends and colleague’s to the awarded are often present, with members of the Norwegian Parliament, Royals and different institutions and organizations. It is held in Oslo’s City Hall.
Later afternoon after this prestigious award is presented and the ceremony with classical music and speeches are over, the Norwegian people arrange a torchlight prosession in honour of the award winner. In December it is winter in Norway, so it is quite a sight to watch. The winner and his wife- husband or a close member of the family, stand out on the nobel suite balcony at the Grand Hotel on the main Street in Oslo to accept the applause from the people.
An extremely popular award winner in 2014 and the youngest ever was Malala – ♥️
A concert during the evening with the ‘â€?laureate ‘â€?and prominent guests. It is broadcasted to a global audience and reaches up to 350 million households in a 100 countries. It is a Musical tribute and includes performances by artists representing several different cultures from different corners of the world.
It truly is a spectacular event â€?💥💥💥
So – back to Kayleigh McEnany. Well most of you will now realize that the announcement made of President Trump as being the upcoming candidate is a huge PR stunt.
The award for 2020 is yet to be announced, and Trump is NOT on the list of the ‘â€?18’â€?candidates that have been nominated.
Nominees never announce names of candidates, and to speculate that a person should get it at the end of 2021 is quite ridiculous. That depends on who is nominated and qualifies, according to the procedure next year.
This has been done to create ‘â€?bless ‘â€?- around the elections in the US, which is entirely against the award purpose.
The award presented for peace in the middle east 26 years ago lead to nothing.
In October 2021 an announcement will be made – after reviewing another 3â€?00 potential candidates.
So what do Norwegians think about all of this – We shake our heads.
The Nobel Peace prize is given to a person or an organization that is genuinly interested in accomplishing ‘’PEACE IN THE WORLD ‘â€?As we all know peace starts in ones own country first. Whoever wins the election in the US, whether it be Trump or Biden, have a huge task ahead.
Miss Kayleigh should be focusing on the current pandemic situation – violence – brutality and protests in the US, instead of fooling – forging the Americian peo

(Popularity Rate: 71 ) I read that somnophilia was a cousin of necrophilia, but what about those who obsess about their sex dolls to the point of developing relationships vs. using them strictly for sexual relief?

on my husband, whom I love more than life, and to whom I am very attracted, even after 19 years together. If you aren’t in the mood to read mild erotica with some swear words, now would be the time to back away slowly. I’m going to use words to convey the intensity of the situation, and it’s going to get steamy.
So I was coming back from my therapist’s office in a nearby city, and I needed to pick up some things for dinner. There was a grocery store (name omitted) right down the street, so I stopped in and got the things I needed. The cashier was chatty and got me to sign up for their points program and whatnot. I casually mentioned to her that my very first boyfriend used to manage a (name of grocery store) in another city nearby. I told her his name. She smiled and said, “Want me to page him?â€?I was surprised, to say the least.
I said, “Sure!â€?I happened to think I looked cute that day, so what the heck. Why not say hi to the ex, right?
He appeared and smiled a huge smile, hugging me warmly. We did the whole, “How’ve you been!â€?“You look great!â€?“What a nice surprise!â€?thing that one does. Then he said, “I’m about to leave for the day, actually. Want to grab a bite next door? They have good food and I could go for a beer.â€?I thought, well…none of my stuff needs refrigeration, so why not. I have some time before I have to make dinner anyway.
We both drove over to the bar he mentioned, and we settled in, ordering beers and some food. Before I continue, let me set the stage for you. This man and I were first lovers together. We went together for over 4 years, from when I was 16 to 21. We almost married. He dumped me, and I cried so hard I gave myself a sinus infection. I am now in my 50’s. He’s 3 years older than I am.
So we’re showing each other pics of our grandkids, and we’re talking about our families, and about cool vacations we’ve taken and all that stuff. He told me about his dog that just died and I consoled him a bit. Oh. I haven’t told you yet about how he looks. This will flesh out the story for you. This guy is 6â€?, with piercing blue eyes and dark brown hair, which is now speckled attractively with the prettiest color silver imaginable. He has clearly stayed in shape, because he still has shoulders like a damn jungle gym and a waist just as lean as when he was 24.
He looks at me with the hypnotic baby blues and says, his voice dropping lower, “Do you remember my â€?6 Ford Elite?â€?Dude, I thought…If you are referring to the classic automobile in the back seat of which I had my first orgasm with a man, then yeah, IT RINGS A BELL (to turn a phrase). Sheesh. I looked at him, taking a sip of my beer.
“Roomy back seat, as I recall,â€?I said. “I still occasionally dream about that car, as a matter of fact.â€?Stupid, I know, but there we were.
He looked at me intensely. “You still dream about THE CAR, huh?â€?His eyes twinkled playfully at me.
I scooted up a bit closer to the table and said, “Well, you know, you always remember your first, um, CAR.â€?He said, “As I recall, it as also MY first…uh, car, as well.â€?(laughter)
He scooted closer too, and grinned, “We didn’t have licenses yet, only learner’s permits, but we figured it out, didn’t we?â€?I started to squirm, and said, “Many trips in that car, my friend. Many trips.â€?So now we had the car metaphor going strong. And in my mind, I am suddenly transported back to 1982. It wasn’t difficult, because the damn bar was playing â€?0’s music (of course, right?). Return to that innocent time with me, folks. Here we go.
I was, uh…bracing my right foot on the ceiling of the back seat of the car (ahem), and my red high heel snagged the fabric on the ceiling, so when I took my foot down, the pump stayed stuck to the ceiling of the already rocking vehicle. I’m watching the shoe swaying precariously, and hoping it doesn’t come loose and clonk him on the back, but I don’t want him to stop because I’m about to WA-BAM, see colors and swear in Sanskrit. I literally retired the shoes out of reverence after that. Back then I didn’t understand about clearing energy from objects, so I’m sure some poor woman put those suckers on in the Goodwill and keeled over like a fainting goat.
So now I’m sitting in the bar with this man, and we’ve suddenly gone from grandchildren to me wanting to bang him nine ways from Sunday. I didn’t even know what had really happened.
I start getting montaged with all these scenes from our 4-and-a-half-year relationship, when we went from nervous teenagers to THROWING DOWN with each other for HOURS. Two years in, we were marathon grappling like a well-oiled machine. The scenes are flying in and out of my head so fast that I’m reeling, and trying to keep my shit in a group so as not show that I’m so turned on I can’t even deal with it. Try to blink and suddenly I’m not in the bar, I’m in his apartment, repeatedly smacking my forehead on his gorgeous abdomen. It was so intense. Scenes upon scenes. I remembered the exact taste of a drop of sweat that I once stretched my neck to catch in my mouth as it dripped from his forehead.
I was consciously not crossing my legs for fear of having an orgasm right there in the bar. Shout out to shy guys at strip clubs. I feel your pain, man.
And he started pushing all of my buttons. He knew exactly where they were because he personally installed them in 1982. He is the reason I need to be roughed up and have my hair pulled.
“Hey,â€?he said. “We don’t still have that car, but we could, you know…maybe take a cruise in a rental. For…old timesâ€?sake?â€?(intense eye contact)
I swallowed hard, and looked at him. “We’re both married. It’s wrong,â€?I squeaked.
He took a swig of his beer. “My wife will never know. Your husband will never know.â€?It became clear to me that this wasn’t the first time he’d stepped out on her. I have never cheated on my husband.
See, this man did me dirty by cranking up my factory settings to “Demi-Godâ€?straight out the gate, and now mere mortal men can’t really impress me much. I enjoy sex with my husband. It’s wonderful. But it’s not as intense as were my experiences with my first lover. Save the best for first, right?
He naturally mastered me back then, and quickly picked up how to deftly handle my bells and whistles. He used words to drive me out of my mind. Not just, “do you like that?â€?It was more like, “Thank you for the beautiful fuck, baby. So good. Relax your legs; I’m going to go hard on you now. You ready?â€?And then he’d flip me over like I was nothing and I’d silently scream and writhe like a butterfly on a stick pin, for what seemed like hours, but was probably much shorter in mundane reality.
“Cum pretty for me, beautiful girlâ€?I obliged him, every time. Not sure about the pretty part, but that’s subjective, I guess. Together we learned to string my orgasms together like the knotted pearls he gave me for my 18
Then there was the night that butter brickle ice cream became an official sex toy.
This is the man who taught me that I love marathon blow jobs, which is still my favorite thing in the entire universe, and few men can do that. We would breathe together to delay his orgasms and I would do it until he begged me to end him. He never swore more than when I was going down on him.
“God damnit, you beautiful little bitchâ€?“Fuck. FUCKâ€?And I would swoon with pleasure, high as a kite on his gorgeous life force. I even came once while doing it.
But I guess I should get back to the bar. Sorry…I just got carried away there.
I am in the bar, still attempting to control my thoughts, and he’s trying to lovingly, seductively persuade me to acquiesce to his desires. “You’re still so beautiful, babe. God, I miss you so much sometimes. I want to make you happyâ€?â€?I picture my husband’s face. I try to drive out the erotic energy that’s viciously consuming me.
I had a realization that shit was about to get real. I was considering this very seriously, and I didn’t want to lose my wonderful marriage, or hurt his wife of 30 years. We both have families who need our marriages to stay together. I felt desperate anxiety shoot through me. I had one thought. Get the fuck out of there before he leaves, because if we leave together, I’m toast. This is how lives get ruined. This is how marriages get wrecked. This is it, right here, people.
I managed to get out a polite thank you for the food and the beer, but I must go home now. I stood up carefully and kind of crippled my way to my car. I started it and drove a few blocks, then turned on a side street and parked.
I sobbed. I’m talking wracking, wrenching sobs, like when my mother died. It lasted for a good ten minutes. I felt like the lowest piece of shit imaginable. I felt like I had actually done it.
When I arrived at home, I’m sure I looked like Marilyn Manson emerging from a monsoon. My face was puffy and my eyes were red. I had mascara on my chin.
My husband took one look at me and rushed up to grab my shoulders. “What happened? Who hurt you?â€?He is very protective. Always has been. He loves me.
I said, “No one hurt me. I just…need you.â€?He put his arms around me and swayed me gently. Then he tipped my chin up to look in my eyes, and I saw recognition unfolding in his. There was no jealousy, no anger. There was empathy. It was then that I realized that my husband had some experience turning down sexy women. He knew by my condition, the fact that I was shaking, that I had not cheated on him. He leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Let’s fix it.â€?Still holding me, he walked me to our bedroom. And ther

(Popularity Rate: 11 ) Will sex dolls allow men to speak out openly against feminism without worrying about being divorced?

m now without worrying about getting divorced; they just have to marry women who don’t care if they speak out openly against feminism. Unfortunately, there are a lot of such women around, so it doesn’t seem to be a problem for many men. Of course, those numbers are shrinking as fewer and fewer women are accepting being second class citizens simply because they 5000 dollar sex doll have a vagina, so I imagine this could be a bigger problem for misogynistic men in the future. However, more and more men are also getting on board with equality and so there are fewer men who want to speak openly out against feminism as well. For those that remain 65cm Sex Dolland are having trouble with a woman willing to marry a man who thinks she is less than him because she is a woman, I imagine sex dolls could be a viable outlet for such people. However, if history is any indication, sex toys is a poor substitute for a companion or even fulfilling basic sexual needs for such people and I doubt it will make any difference whatsoever, as a cursory look at the Incel community will tell you.
If there is ever a AI that is able to be added to a sex doll that is a decent facsimile of a human bei


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