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(Popularity Rate: 17 ) You’re driving in an El Camino with a tool box at your right and 3 sex dolls in the back…a radioactive meteor hits you and you now have superpowers based on the car and it’s contents. What is your superpowers?

at enables me to:
1. Change wavelengths. This enables me to, for example, change a radio wave into gamma ray. So, I can use a simple radio transmitter as a deadly weapon that fires gamma ray burst. Of course, the widening or shortening of wavelengths takes some processing time, it’s not instantaneously. But, I can train to make it faster.
2. Change intensity. I can manipulate the wave to increase or decrease its intensity. With this, I can help those scientists in Arecibo Observatory, or perhaps those who are now listening through the VLA in New Mexico, by amplifying weak radio signals from deep space, see if we can actually listen radio broadcast from alien worlds.
With these two abilities alone, I can create a bubble of protection against EM pulses, because I can normalize any harmful EM discharges against friendly electronic devices and gadgets.
Again, I can utilize a simple radio transmitting device to become a gamma ray burst emitter. The catch is, the energy released is proportional to the potential energy of the initial electromagnetic wave. For example, I can only use a regular walkie talkie (with regular battery) to create a very quick gamma ray burst. But, using a radio transmitter that’s connected to a wall socket, I can shoot a sustained burst as long as the cable is not fried or the apparatus to blow up in smoke.
I can mess with paparazzi in a way that I can turn the light wave entering the lenses to either infrared or ultraviolet, so it won’t develop a discernable picture. Or, just make it a quick gamma ray burst enough to destroy the camera without injuring the guy.
I can change the color of things by changing the wavelengths of light bounced of them.
I can quite literally make the 100 km radius area dark for those in the bubble, because I redshift the sun’s light. Or, I can blueshift the light reflected by the moon and make the area bright as day (the Moon would look as bright as the Sun).
I can dazzle my opponents by making everything around them blindingly bright.
And, you can easily guess my only weakness.
A good ol�mirror.
Sounds stupid, eh? Yeah, villains can probably deflect many of my attacks just by holding a reflective surface up and direct the beam back at me, and laugh maniacally. But, you know what? I can also change the intensity of the light entering their eyes and make them so bright, it will fry their brain and cook it insi

(Popularity Rate: 16 ) Is there any sex toy shop in Vadodara?

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(Popularity Rate: 64 ) Do any Argentines have positive memories of General Galtieri?

it. This was the case of General Leopoldo Fortunato Galtieri who was the head of the adult sex dolls for women Military Junta in 1982 during the Malvinas/Falklands War.
General Galtieri during an interview gesturing with the closed finger hand which is typical of all Italians and was inherited by Argentines.
During the South Atlantic Conflict of 1982, nothing was planned, with perhaps the exception of the landings in of April to take control of the Islands. That effective and swift operation was in reality Asian Sex Dollplanned by the Argentine Navy with brilliant leadership from figures such as Rear Admiral Carlos Busser and Vice Admiral Jose Lombardo.
During the war, General Galtieri gave no order to counter-attack the British forces who had landed in San Carlos and began to encircle the Argentine positions.
Galtieri had appointed an inept and coward General as head of the Argentine forces called Mario Benjamin Menendez. Menendez was utterly spineless and because of his lack of initiative, all Argentine soldiers had to wait in their wet and cold trenches while being pounded by constant naval artillery. Food was scarce and most troops would have to fight using the same fatigues during the whole time.
Menendez in the center with a duck feather cozy jacket. Capt. Castagneto of the 601 Commando Company (left) the symbol of sacrifice and courage.
Only the Army commandos would try to lay ambushes and attack their enemies but they would be particularly frowned upon by their superiors such as General Parada or General Jofre. On one occasion Capt. Castagneto returned from a mission full of mud and without being shaved, General Parada looked at him with disgust and contempt.
General Galtieri did not even have the professional curiosity to see what a real war -such as the Malvinas War- was like. Galtieri, Menendez, Parada, Garcia, Jofre and other generals had the opportunity to become national heroes but chose instead to eat 2,000 prime beef steaks and live long and uninteresting lives.
They were all desk generals because they didn’t go to war in 110 years and they never thought they were going to go to war with England, fact which was ridiculous considering how st

(Popularity Rate: 53 ) Is Shauna Belzer the new Ventriloquist from The Batgirl 52 in love with her doll Ferdie?

iginally made her costume, because she was angry at her father. In the modern retelling, he was using his influence as a cop to keep her from pursuing her dream of working in law enforcment. She wanted to be a cop, too, but he made sure that her applications to the academy were rejected, because he didn’t want his little girl out there on the mean streets. She tried to join the FBI, but was turned away as too youngâ€?and short. Later, she broke into the JSA mansion and tried to leave a note asking Black Canary to accept her as an apprentice.
After one of their arguments, then Captain Gordon gives her an invitation to a costume party. Hoping to distract her and help her be more sociable. She doesn’t want to go, but he insists. So, she decides to make a Bat-costume as a way of showing her irritation. Knowing that her father won’t approve.
However, the party is attacked by Killer Moth almost as soon as she arrives. Instinctively, she jumps into the fray and (because she is already a very skilled, highly trained martial artist), she succeeds. She defeats the bad guys and takes off chasing them into the woods.
Batman (who was at the party as Bruce Wayne) and Robin (who arrives a short while later) pursue and almost immediately tell her that girls aren’t welcome in their little club. She responds by beating the snot out of Robin. Then she runs away.
Truthfully, she never planned to continue anyway. From her perspective, Batman is nothing more than some spoiled rich brat playing at a hobby.
But his attitude hit her wrong. She takes her party costume. Reinforces it. Replaces the heels with army boots. Builds her own gadgets from army and police surplus and sets out on her own. Batman keeps an eye on her, but mostly ignores her, since she starts out focusing on low level street crime.
Robin is more impressed and convinces Batman to start helping her out by letting him sneak her gear and a motorcycle. Eh�motorcycles�plural. She�sorta�explodes the first couple. Taking down Killer Moth, Firefly and Blockbuster in the process.
Batman tries to warn her off a few more times. Which mostly results in attempted kicks and/or punches to the face.
Eventually, he realizes that Batgirl isn’t going away and decides to officially bring her into the fold. Revealing his identity and the story of his decision to become Batman.
�Her original origin story is less involved, but basically the same. She just happens to be going to a costume party and encounters Killer Moth waiting to ambush Bruce Wayne.
She manages to chase Moth and his goons off. Batman arrives immediately afterwards and tells her vigilantism is a boy’s club. She isn’t welcome.
It’s a good thing she doesn’t listen and decides to hunt down Killer Moth on her own. Beating up quite a lot of goons and rescuing Batman and Robin from a potentially deadly trap along the way.
Back at Commissioner Gordon’s office, Batman says he’s impressed and offers to mentor her. She laughingly declines by reminding him who rescued who.
And that’s how it was for awhile. She did her own thing and occasionally helped out. He did not even know her secret identity for quite some time.
â€?It’s Big Tits Sex Dollpretty odd that so many answers to the question are in the affirmative. Traditionally, she has mostly been independent of his operation. Initially, that was a function of the layout of Batman books. The lead feature would be a Batman and Robin story. Batgirl stories then filled the back half.
There were crossovers. Sometimes Babs would appear in a supporting role in his stories or they would work together in her features. In general, though, she was never like Robin. She wasn’t his apprentice or pupil. Not really.
She mostly did her own thing.
There was a good reason for that.
DC experimented with female Bats before with pretty questionable results.
Kathy and Betty Kane. The original Batwoman and Batgirl.
There is some nostalgia around these characters now, but in their era, they were not widely loved. Especially by creators. They were introduced shortly after implimentation of censorship under the CCA. Specifically created to dispel lingering questions surrounding Batman and Robin’s sometimes ambiguous sexualities in earlier pre-Code stories.
They were often hapless. Obsessed with marriage. Carried their cosmetic themed (and often ineffectual) gadgets in a stylish purse. Constantly needed rescue. And were, in many ways, far more of a hindrance to Batman and Robin than they ever were a help.
Readers found them to be distracting. Writers and artists were off put by their helplessness and lack of real heroic motivation.
Barbara Gordon was specifically created to be the opposite of that. She isn’t a groupie. She thinks Batman’s a jerk and isn’t afraid to say so. She does her own thing and only checks in when she feels like it or he ASKS for her help. Because she doesn’t necessarily answer to being ordered around.
Wrapped up in a sometimes meek looking librarian package in her civilian identity. But even in those early books, she pretty much comes and goes as she pleases. And her solo features mostly showcase her nosing after crime and having adventures of her own. Batman and Robin show up sometimes. But only as guest spots.
And, I think, that was probably pretty intentional.
The DC Editorial Board actually specifically addressed this in a formal response to questions about the disappearance of the older pair.
“I’d like to say a few words about the reaction some readers have to Batgirl. These are readers who remember Batwoman and the other Bat-girls from years back …They were there because romance seemed to be needed in Batman’s life. But thanks to the big change and a foresighted editor, these hapless females are gone for good. In their place stands a girl who is a capable crime-fighter, a far cry from Batwoman who constantly had to be rescued by Batman.”
The message seems pretty clear. Babs is not like those other women. She is independent. Capable. Not romantically obsessed with either Batman or Robin. When Batman says girls can’t be vigilantes, she dares him to stop her.
And that’s pretty much how her story started. After her introduction, she alternated back-up status with Robin. Eventually eclipsing him in popularity. Taking over the feature full time.
If you go back and read those features, you’ll find that Batman really isn’t a big part of her stories. They obviously communicate and work together sometimes, but, for the most part, she has her adventures and he has his.
And that’s been a consistent character trait thoughout most portrayals of her life. If you revisit her original Birds if Prey series, you’ll find (now that she’s all grown up) that she seems to primarily view Batman as a hindrance. Most of their encounters involve Babs telling Batman to stay the hell out of her business. More than once accompanied by literal theats of beating with sticks. That seems to be the majority of their face to face dialogue at

(Popularity Rate: 55 ) Where do I get sex toys for women in Guntur?

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(Popularity Rate: 70 ) Do realistic sex dolls trick the brain into thinking there is real presence there to some extent?

re not real even if these dolls could be made to function in a sexual manner there is no life in them. No emotion.
However if the future sex Androids are giving artificial intelligence or evolve into it once it’s given to them that may be a problem. Sexually abused Androids may turn on their Johns and pimps. Right now this is my adult sex dolls for women satire, but with machines making machines and programming them without human help that’s not good. With all of the ta


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