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**Best of Christmas** [**Sex doll**](X://life-likedollx/) **collection** **As the pandemic continues, the holidays are a lonely time for some Americans without family or friends to spend the holidays. Sex doll sales were up 112% in December 2020, and the year is expected to resurface due to concerns over the Omicron variant, with many being separated from their families again. U.S. retailer Sex Doll Genie reports that as manyxpanies are capitalizing on the trend, they’re keeping people through the storm by offering special holiday dolls. “For some groups, the holidays are often the loneliest time of the year,â€?Sex Doll Genie co-founder Amit Stevenson told My Perfect Life. ** ** “This, coupled with the COVID restrictions we are now in place, is creating a very worrying scenario where those who are vulnerable and feeling lonely are unable to use their traditional coping mechanisms, such as going to a coffee shop or going for a walk in the park.” He It added: “It’s clear that people are likely to be quarantined for months due to the coronavirus and nationwide stay-at-home orders, and this year’s seasonal holiday season is even more lonely. “We’ve observed that a lot of new clientsxe to us and our dolls to get ready for this time and to relieve some of the nervousness they worry about by having ‘someone’ spend these weeks with them. ” This** [**sex doll**](X://life-likedollx/) **It’s an expensive purchase as much as it costs a lot of dollars. However, the cost hasn’t deterred those who don’t want to spend the season without anyone else. **

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