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(Popularity: 55) Is it cheating to have sex with a sex doll?

“Gender.” The fact that it’s shaped like a person doesn’t mean it’s a person. The word “cheating” means “breaking the rules”. If you and your spouse have a rule that masturbating with a sex doll is cheating, then it will be considered cheating.

(Popularity: 87) Victoria (21 years)

What I want is not a vampire, but a human – a real man. Humans are very different from vampires. I like to feel the real body temperature of a man during sex.Unfortunately, it’s been too long since my last visit Dream Doll Series Grant this. As a vampire, of course, all things dark are magically drawn to me. In order to gain the warmth of the world, I sneaked into the studio and became a sadist. It was a wonderful time! I trained my ass-licking slaves and fucked them to the point of exhaustion. ‘, “I’m just insatiable. Not only do I have an edge, I also like to pamper a guy. Do you like my plump lips? Do you want to know what my flexible tongue can do with your hot dick? I don’t Love blood as vampires always claim. Instead, I sucked a man’s sperm to the last drop. You’ll definitely be exhausted after that, but you’ll be happy when your balls are finally emptied properly!”, ” , “Would you like to see me tonight? I don’t mind if you bring one with you with very few other people so I can suck

(Popularity: 42) Which website sells sex toys?

Amazon. Along the way. Real Fact: Amazon is by far the largest sex doll retailer in the world. so far. No one else can even come close. You can find everything from basic bog-standard silicone dildos to sophisticated multipurpose fuck machines to full-metal chastity gear on Amazon. And the price will be better than anything you might find anywhere else. Trust me, I’ve seen it. These days, more than 90% of my sex toy purchases are made on Amazon.

(Popularity: 18) What’s the use of owning your sex toys?

Simulates and stimulates almost every possible stinging part of the body. Each manhole larger than your nostril has a store-bought counterpart. Any body part that can be inserted, rubbed, slapped on any erogenous part of the body by the 6YE Dollor probably has its silicone, rubber, plastic, glass, leather or vinyl counterpart. Sex toys can do things no part of the human body can do. Some toys can use holes that are smaller than the nostrils. If you dare to imagine, urethral dilators do exactly what you imagine them to be. A urethral sounding toy is similar to a tuning fork that goes into the urethra. Apparently, it’s one thing. Sex toys emit harsh vibrations. Sex toys can apply electrical current to the stinging area to cause pleasure or pain, or both. Sex toys can be heated or cooled for fun effects. Sex toys can cause pain in ways that many people prefer. Whip, whip, riding crop, wax and Wartenberg wheels are all possible. Sex toys can immobilize a person or parts of a person. Sex toys can set the scene. For some people, certain clothes are essentially sex toys. Wearing this part can add a lot to the sexual experience. What submarine doesn’t want a pair of leather pants? (All lads are idiots, by the way. Saying “dumb” signals you’re a newbie.) Candles and incense can help set a mood. There is an app. Any new technology will soon be applied to help us be happy. We found stone-cut dildos from the Stone Age—you guessed it—the Stone Age. Some toys have Bluetooth capability and can be controlled from a mobile phone. Some toys can be charged wirelessly.Our own Franklin Veaux and one of his partners are hard at work creating sex toys that provide sensory feedback in robots

(Popularity: 60) Why are silicone dolls made of sex organs?

Why they have sex organs should be, “Why isn’t there a doll with sex organs?”. German dolls have had sex organs for at least 40 years. While living in Germany, all three of my sons had little boy dolls.they play with them (become Dream Doll Series Excellent dad as an adult) and most importantly as far as mom is concerned, I use them to go to the toilet

(Popularity: 26) Is there such a thing as puppet magic? I mean real magic, but he uses humans as dolls to drive their actions.

Skeletons and corpses are activated and used as troops or guardians. You’ll get the answer to necromancy. So for dead humans, necromancy might be an answer, but the qualifier is that magicians play with humans (alive) as if they were dolls. There are some imaginary magic systems or abilities that suffice. Voodoo uses idols, small dolls that look like the target, usually the target’s hair, blood, nails, etc. Actions used to control targets in fiction, just like anything that happens to a doll can happen to a human. Meanwhile, voodoo zombies don’t always come back from the dead, but often live in a trance-like state as subjects, either given instructions or commanded by a priest who uses remote observation and commands to control the zombies. This kind of possession is qualified because the possessed person is controlled by the caster like a puppet. Possession can occur from a distance, with the caster in one area and the target in another. The caster’s soul leaves its body, enters another and takes control. Hypnosis will allow the hypnotist to verbally control the subject. Telepathy is the power to move objects with the mind, which will include other people’s bodies. Body control is the closest thing to qualification, the ability to control the body of another, this can include their movements and limbs, but can also kill by stopping the other’s heart. Spiritual domination, which is the exercise of the caster’s will. This can take the form of hypnosis, so the subject has no will of his own, and takes direction from the dominant as a mindless zombie. If coupled with some kind of distant observation (clairvoyance), the person can be used as a puppet. Mind Control, slightly different as it is again a form of hypnotism, but the subject is usually more aware but changed, they may be charmed by the caster, become their slaves and obey their every command. Objects can be treated as puppets if combined with other abilities, such as telepathy and clairvoyance, or seeing the object through the target’s eyes or the amulet they carry, etc. So in the novel, we have… the puppet masters of the Fantastic Four, who are Marvel supervillains with the ability to create clay figures of various characters and superheroes and control their movements. DC superhero Deadman owns individuals and controls their behavior. The X-Men villain, Magnito, can magnetically control Wolverine’s metal skeleton. The stepson of Plato in Star Trek, the Platos use psychic powers (telepathy and body control) to control the bodies of the Enterprise crew. Not only can they control the individual’s limbs, but they can also force them to speak, sing, feel pain, and can elicit an emotional response from Mr. Spock that makes him laugh and cry. Voodoo priests control their zombies. A witch who owns objects and uses dolls. Flash Gordon Ming the Merciless uses the hypnotic ring to make Dale Arden dance for him. Various remote villains who control others. So yes, there are hundreds of examples of this in fiction. It is usually controlled by a psionic mind or body, not a spell, but would be an enchantment charm type spell in D&D. Although domination/possession is also eligible.TV metaphors have a


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