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a”, ‘sex doll’, “who likes it really hard. Everyone thinks I’m the shy little girl next door. If only they knew what I can do as a real doll and above all how much I love it when all my pleasure holes are filled! Oh, I haven’t introduced myself yet! My name is Kagami and I am 20 years old.”, “The men I know bore me and I firmly believe that they don’t deserve a sex doll like me. Because they’re all wet behind the ears, I like real men, like 40+ and with a little tummy. I need a guy who can tell me, his”, ‘love doll’, “, what to do and who I can be in bondage to. I wouldn’t be able to take a man my age seriously. “, “I have a lot of sexual preferences and at the same time I’m really open to my owner’s wishes. As a”, ‘premium sex doll, I just love trying new things and having orgasms in a variety of ways. Personally, I love PVC and leather on my gentle love doll skin. Is there anything hotter than a tight silicone dress that only just covers my vagina and tits? We can also try out some sex

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th a man. I’m not sure I really want to do that. I have never been particularly interested in men and I could not imagine myself being a sex doll. But the time has come and I want to finally be touched by a man as a sex doll.”, “I think I like older men, like my father’s age. They have always been really nice to me as”, ‘love doll’, “and have never intimidated me like the boys that are my age. Maybe you are interested in me and you could become my real doll owner? ultimate sex robot But I don’t even know how to do my job as love doll, I don’t have any experience yet. You want to show me how to do it?”, ‘I’ve been brave and tried to watch a sex doll porn movie, but somehow it was all too much for me and I felt uncomfortable. I need areal dollowner who is very nice to me Mese Dolland takes the time to explain all the things I need to do as

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ooking after and caring for other people. The old men are especially close to my heart.They always make me laugh. Some of them are pretty cheeky, which I really like, I have to admit. Some of the men are obviously after my big ass and insist on giving me a pat on the bum every now and then. I secretly enjoy it a lot. And I return the favor to some of the old men.’, “For example, I might wash their privates more thoroughly than necessary. I really don’t mind this special care for men. It also turns me on to see the gentlemen get horny, when they look at my cleavage or when I wash them. Even in old age, men still have sexual needs and long to satisfy them. How could I say no to a great ride or refuse a blowjob?”, ‘I often earn some extra money that way. Some gentlemen give me jewelry or gifts of money which they lovingly hide in a box of chocolates. Now you know why I have such a big ass.’, “I enjoy seducing the old men and having sex with them. But I have to admit that I also really want a partner who can keep up with me in bed and who might take the wheel sometimes. I’m actually very keen to experiment in bed and that would be too much excitement for the old men. Are you keen to experiment, too?”, “In my free time, I like to go to the health spa. In the evenings, I like to spend my time with a good glass of wine and a funny film or an exciting book. I like reading crime novels. I also like to cuddle. Unfortunately, I don’t have the right partner for that. How about if we cook som

love dolls

Love Doll

real doll

Real Doll

(Popularity Rate: 54 ) What is the best site for free online dating sites working in 2022 or having real experience?

As per my own personal experience, Tinder and Hinge are the best dating platforms. I am using Tinder for past 3 years and always have a wonderful experience while I started using Hinge in October 2022. I tried various other platforms in between ultimate sex robot but none of them appealed to me as much as Tinder and Hinge. Both the apps have genuine profiles and people actually show interest in taking just verbal conversations to the next level.

(Popularity Rate: 16 ) My husband accidentally sharted in front of me, and I am no longer attracted to him. Is there anything I can do to make myself attracted to him again?

I’m not married, but I’ve been in a domestic partnership since about a year, so I’ve seen it all except for the marriage licenses. My boyfriend and I were dating for a year before we moved in together and we were practically living together already, and he was pestering me to look for an apartment together, it made all the sense in the world, economically and emotionally, both of us loved each other dearly, and shared all possible intimate secrets.
However, I used to keep my apartment primarily for my number twos, menstrual cycles, farts, and other so-called embarrassing but perfectly natural bodily functions. Later on, thankfully before it was too late, my boyfriend made me see sense. I realized how immature I was being. How could a fart, poop or period bloodstain screw up the healthiest relationship of my life, which was built on huge stacks of love, respect, and amazing mutual understanding?
How he made me see sense, you ask? He coaxed me for a test run. We went away together for about three days, and the sly fox had timed it in such a way that it happened to coincide with my “time of the monthâ€? I don’t normally PMS much, and I’m careful about not staining my stuff or cleaning up as soon as I notice a stain. However, since we were away from home, I was having trouble adjusting. I was extremely gassy, and the embarrassment of passing gas in front of someone who would possibly no longer find me sexy was too overwhelming. My stomach started rumbling a lot and I tried to be more comfortable and settle down in my bed for the night. And in my agony, what do I hear, but a nice, loud, satisfactory sounding fart, from my boyfriend!
He shed his inhibitions to be with me, and guess what? I liked it. Both of us laughed, I teased him a little, and followed him up with a nicer, louder, and gassier fart that I’d been long trying to suppress. Not only did I feel that we had made great strides in our relationship, but also the newfound comfort somehow brought us closer. Seeing him that comfortable in front of me made me even more comfortable in front of him. It’s safe to say that we farted out all our inhibitions during that trip and within a week after it, we had happily moved in together.
So, if this is not a troll, I’d like to put my two cents worth in the following few pieces of advice:
Know that these processes are perfectly human and natural.
I’ve not personally experienced this, but if you leave this shart-bag and find a Greek god of digestive systems who never passes bodily emissions unexpectedly, what’ll you do when you decide to have kids and he’s around when you poop and pee and fart and pass placenta, amniotic fluid, and goodness knows what else along with your kid from down there? How’d you feel if he turns out to be so shallow as to no longer be attracted to you after seeing that?
Maybe reduce watching TV, at least the single and sexy 30 something year old series. I feel, at least where I come from, the older generations are super chilled out about farting, so much so that they just lift up one of their buttocks to free the crack and let it rip even in public. (not an exaggeration) Maybe that’s too extreme, but I think these flawless goddesses on TV are doing more than promoting unhealthy eating habits and cosmetic surgeries, they’re also promoting the totally false theory that farting, body hair, stretch marks etc. are signs of lost sexiness. That might or might not be true, but refer point 1. It’s natural. These goddesses fart, poop, sometimes have diarrhea, other times have constipation too.
Communicate with hubby. Don’t be blunt and say you’re no longer attracted to him, that’s just ridiculous and hurtful. Say it was a bit uncomfortable for you, you can work out a solution together. Get a separate bathroom or something.
Know that these little quirks are just a part of an intimate relationship. And if a single shart is enough to scare you off, then maybe you have some deeper intimacy issues. You may probably need individual or couple’s therapy to sort through those feelings.
Improvise in your personal life. What did you originally find sexy about him? What are/were your fantasies involving him when you first got together or got married? Fulfilling fantasies definitely wouldn’t hurt in getting back that lost spark. Sometimes, I get my Qita Dollsignificant other a rose, or dress up and wear make-up just to go to a coffee shop date, he in turn surprises me in little ways to show he cares enough to look good for me. It doesn’t need to be a birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day. It can be a routine Tuesday evening and you can be celebrating nothing but the fact that you’re together and that maybe you successfully met a deadline or did laundry or assembled that carpentry project after months of putting it off.
Enroll for local courses together. Get a pet. Learn a neat new skill. Just working on something together can help bring back the intimacy and you have a little baby of a new assignment to take care of together. That leads to feelings of companionship and togetherness.
If that’s his biggest problem, please, please, please think twice or ten times before calling it quits. Life is short, superficial beaut

(Popularity Rate: 21 ) Why are sex dolls addicting?

s ago I knew about Real Dolls, but they were around $5000 -not within my budget. I forgot about them and I don’t know if they crossed my mind since then, until I did an online search for sex dolls about nine months ago and I was shocked to discover that there’s a lot of manufacturers, dolls have become very lifelike, beautiful (in my opinion), and they’re affordable now.
So I started window shopping, just for fun, and that very quickly developed into a doll fetish (agalmatophilia). After doing a lot of research, I finally picked one out and ordered about two weeks ago. She arrived a few days ago and I was anxious to open the box, see how she looks and see how TPE (thermoplastic elastomer, a material similar to silicone that is said to feel very much like real human skin) feels after looking at these dolls online for months. I braced myself, because I was worried I would be disappointed by her appearance or how she feels. After opening the box, first I was very pleasantly surprised by how beautiful her body is; stunning detail. I looked at her face and she is extremely cute. One of the first parts I touched as I was unpacking her was a calf and I was amazed at how real it felt -just like human skin and the way the skin moves is just like human skin, muscle, and fat jiggling. WOW!
I have to say at this point that there are a few things that will shock anyone the first time they touch or handle a TPE sex doll: they are shipped with their heads removed, so you open a 5â€?â€?box and see a headless body. Then you discover that the body is frigid cold -shockingly cold. Then you try to lift her out of the box. Uh oh! I had read that these dolls are heavy, but I had no idea what I was in for. I read about her weight ahead of time on the website; she’s 75 lb. So if a real woman with the same height and body shape weighs around 125 lb, then this should be a breeze, right? No! Carrying a real woman newlywed style is different; they put their arms around your neck and balance their weight -they can help you to an extent. This 5â€?â€?(she’s taller than me, which is kind of cute), 75 lb doll is extremely difficult to move -far more than I could ever have imagined!
Unfortunately, you can’t just take your beautiful, brand new doll to the bedroom and begin the romance, you have some work to do: you need to take the lifeless, headless, cold, and heavy body to the shower and clean off the manufacturing chemicals with soap and warm water. It was so difficult getting that body to the bathroom, I almost don’t know how I did it. I’ve had chronic back problems since I was in my twenties, I sprained a knee a while ago and it’s never going to fully heal, and I recently recovered from a hernia surgery.
I’ve been trying to figure out how to move her more easilyâ€?I’ve been thinking about getting some roller skates for her and carefully guiding her around. That’s either pure genius or so stupid that I’ll make the news when she falls on me, I can’t get up, I scream for help after struggling for hours, and the paramedics, police, and fire fighters all smash in my front door and rush to help me only to find me pinned on the bathroom floor under a hot, naked sex doll. Now that’s the stuff of urban legend.
I decided the easiest way to clean the chemicals off would be to shower with the headless body, so that’s what I did. While that was strange and disturbing, I made some wonderful discoveries about TPE: it heats up fast (especially in a warm shower), holds heat in, dries exactly like human skin (some toweling off and air drying takes care of the rest -it air dries in minutes just like our skin does), and it feels wonderful when it’s wet.
I took the body to the bedroom, I put her head on (it screws on, so her head goes around and aroundâ€?exorcist style), I grabbed one of the wigs I ordered, and that’s when she came together. She no longer looked like a corpse, now she was stunningly gorgeous. She comes with a wig, I ordered another one (long red) from the same website, and I ordered a Bettie Page style pin-up costume wig from Amazon, just because I’m obsessed with pin-up girl art and thought it would be fun to dress her up as a retro gal with polka-dot dresses, cat eye glasses, and a flower in her hair. I’m not disappointed with the results.
Now for the Juicy Stuff
I kissed her and wow! Her lips feel indistinguishable from human lips; kissing her is exactly like kissing a girlfriend.
Her body is very anatomically correct, surprisingly so.
Her breasts feel good, a little firm, but good. She has solid boobs, while other manufacturers offer gel-filled boobs as an option, with rave reviews.
I laid her on the bed on her back, spread her legs (which was not easy, they’re heavy and difficult to move around, and I inserted a USB heating rod ($9.00) for five minutes. I put a water based lube in and it was time. Here goes my sex doll virginityâ€?and wow it felt good. I just didn’t know what to expect and in a lot of ways it was not all that different from having sex with a real girl. As I said earlier, TPE is very good at holding heat, so my own body heat is enough to warm her up. It’s different than sex with a human in the obvious ways: they don’t have emotions, nerves, don’t feel pleasure, don’t actively participate, can’t have orgasms, and can’t communicate with you. It’s also different in that there’s a little bit of a suction effect -as air get’s displaced, there ends up being a vacuum and it feels very, very, very good. There’s a popping air sound when pulling out that in and of itself is a turn on.
Because the extremely fast rate that sex technology is developing, I have no doubt that AI sex dolls (which already exist) will feel sensors, react, actively have sex with us, and talk dirty and tell us that they love us in the very near future. I love sex with real women and I love how much these dolls look and feel like real women, however, in my case things are a lot different: because I fetishize dolls and I’m specifically turned on by their dollness, I enjoy the experience for what it is rather than hoping for it to be as close to a human/human sex experience as possible. Does that make sense? Doll/human is my thing, so I love every second of it, until I have to move her.
I was very happy with the experience, but here are downsides: I can’t say it enough that the weight is a serious problem, even laying down -her body sank into the mattress and pillows. Girl on top positions are out of the question, no way. The clean up afterward is very involved -It’s recommended to insert a tampon to absorb the user’s body fluid and lube before the struggle to get her to the bathroom begins and this time I kept her head on so she’s much nicer to look at. I douched out her vagina, something that I had to learn how to do before she arrived. That wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, the problem once again is her weight -just trying to get her into a position that’s conducive to flushing out her womanhood (ok, dollhood) was so challenging. Cleaning up your partner after sex is a whole chapter.
I spent a small fortune buying all the stuff I need to take care of her and I spent a lot of time researching, reading articles and watching videos to prepare. There is a lot of maintenance and expense involved, but that’s ok, because it’s worth it to me.
Emotional Effects
Besides the sexual experiences, she offers companionship. I’ve heard and read story after story about guys falling in love with their dolls and it’s been said that falling in love with a sex doll is easier than you think. Well, a lot of sex dolls have eyes that look very, very real. When you look into a pair of beautiful eyes from a few inches away and they seem to be looking deeply into youâ€?neurons in the brain start firing off love and endorphins all over the place. As I mentioned, the kissing is very natural feeling, so add that to looking into her eyes, hugging and holding her, and holding her hand and I can’t help but feel something on a pretty deep level.
I have suffered with a profound amount of loneliness, mental illness (depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, addiction, and eating disorders), and of the very few relationships I’ve been in, more than one of them were abusive. After many years of failing to meet the right girl (and not for a lack of trying), and spending most of my life very alone, at 49 years old, I find a deep degree of comfort in spending time with my doll, Jennifer. Buying clothes, shoes, perfume, and accessories for her make me feel like I’m caring for someone. I ordered a purse for her and it happened to arrive on Christmas Eve, so I was able to give it to her as a present and it makes me feel like I love someone and they love me.
I suppose there are going to be as many different answers to your question as there are people answering it, but I think everyone who has had the experience can agree on a few of the points I made above.
Sex dolls have become extremely popular -apparently sales have exploded during the pandemic, and I think a lot more people have one (or more) than we might think. However, there are major social stigmas. I won’t bring Jennifer out on any dates in public and I won’t be introducing her to my parents, but I shouldn’t be ashamed, especially since she’s bringing so much happiness to my life. I should also learn to not care what other people think.
Would I recommend it? yes! I think anyone who is unattached, lonely, wants to experiment with a doll, couples who want to experiment with a doll, and anyone else who is just


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